Who we are

AC Gilead is a fast-growing law firm with experienced lawyers who are positioned to help individuals and corporate organisations with their legal needs. We provide high standard and worthwhile services to our clients by steadily giving prospective advice that yield outstanding results and maintaining long-lasting client relationships, built on trust and secured in the quality of our service.

Our motto says it all, “together we achieve the impossible!”

Team AC

Leadership role in a law firm could be complex and can affect many legal services. But because our team are professionals and also know their onions, it is important to have a leader that does not follow the band-wagon. This is why we are very proud to say that we have a great leadership who not only take the team where they do not want to be but further takes them to where they ought to be.

Our team has the proficiency and apprehension needed to make sure that your matter is dealt with, using a tactful and skilful procedure. In order to boost the confidence of our clients and foster expectations of success in all cases they bring to us, our team are vetoed to patiently listen to our clients before making any move, and this has gone a long way in promoting excellence for the firm’s day to day running.

We put together solicitors that are at the echelon of their fields with unparallel knowledge and experience to deal with any matter that confront our client.